Once you add a production partner for a specific POD, it will be automatically assigned to all the products you publish from that POD with Customily. So it's better if you add your POD as a Production Partner before publishing.
If you've published products and you don't have the POD added as a Production Partner, fulfillment of these products won't work. Make sure you add a production partner to them following these instructions.

To add a Production Partner

Sign in to your Etsy store, and go to your production partner manager:
  1. In Shop Manager, choose Settings.
  2. Select Production partners.
  3. Select Add a new production Partner and fill out the following information about your POD:

    Production partner – Use the name of your POD (ie: Printify, Printful, Gelato, etc) (Check table below to make sure the name will be recognized. Link)
    • Location – Use the POD location
    • About production partner – "A production partner"
    • About your partnership:
      • Select – I don't have the technical ability to make it entirely by myself
      • Select – I design everything myself
      • Select – They do everything for me

        Add Printful as production partner to etsy
The information not marked Private will be shared publicly in your shop.
4. Once done, you can click Show Preview to see how it will appear in your store.
5. Click Save Partner and you are done!
If you have more questions, you can check Etsy's guide on Production Partners:
Working with Production Partners on Etsy

Note: Check the following table to make sure the Production Partner will be recognized.

POD Production Partner Name
Casestry casestry
CustomCat customcat
Gearment gearment
Gelato gelato
Printful printful
Printify printify
Shine On







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