When you want to completely change the preview, and start over you can reset the preview.

By clicking on reset preview, we can choose a new background for the preview and bring all the personalizable elements fresh from step 1.
Resetting the preview will reset all personalizable elements, and bring them fresh from step 1. This means that if you have made any adjustments to these elements on step 2, they will be reset. Same goes if you'd added dynamic images on step 2, they will be removed.

To reset the preview

  1. Click Reset preview button 
  2. Browse and choose the new image you'd like to use as background
  3. Remember, resetting the preview will reset all personalizable elements, so be sure to verify if that's what you want before completing the operation. 
If you don't want to reset all the personalizable elements:
You should replace background instead. This will keep all modifications you made to the personalizable elements, as well as any dynamic image added on step 2. 


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