This tutorial explains how to create an option set for your product, and link it with a personalization template to use in your store.

Before creating an option set and connecting it to a template, make sure you created the template on If you are not sure how to create a template, you can check our tutorials for template creation here.

To create an option set with Customily Options

1. Go to the Manage Options section, by clicking it on the sidebar.
2. Click on Option Sets button to view and manage your option sets
3. Create or edit your option sets. In this case, we have created an option set called “Phone Case Options” that has all the options the user can enter for our Taupe Phone Case product.
To learn how to create an option set from scratch click here.
To generate the link for the iFrame to display on your product page, you'll have connect the template created on with the options set created above. This connection will provide a link for you to use on the product page, so customers can see the product options and the preview while browsing on your store. 

1. Go to the Manage Options section, by clicking it on the sidebar.
2. Go to the Link option
3. Select the template you want to connect to a product in your store. This list has all the product’s template you previously created on
4. Select the options set you want to use with this template. 
5. A dialog will appear with the link for the iFrame you'll need to load on your store
6. Copy this link since you'll need it to show the preview and options set combination in your store.


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