If you don't have an eCommerce platform or if you sell on a marketplace that is not supported by Customily yet, you can always have your customers personalizing your products by sending them an email after they've submitted their orders. 
After your client submitted an order and you want them to personalize the product that they bought, you'll have to send them a personalization link via email.
Before starting, you should know how to generate a personalization link in Customily. This article shows how to generate personalization links for your products.
In order to generate personalization links for orders that users have already submitted to your store, you'll need to build a link that combines Customily's personalization link and the order number. The reason why we include the order number in the link is so we can later retrieve the personalization details your client entered based on that order number. 
The structure of the link you are going to build will be the following:
Customily personalization link + "&order=" + Order number 
For example, if you have:
What if I have multiple items in the same order? (optional)
In that case, you can create a different link for each line item adding the line item number at the end of the link. 
The structure of the link you are going to build will be the following:
Customily personalization link + "&order=" + Order number + "_" + Line item number

For example, if your combined link is:

The link you'll send for the first line item will be: 
For the second:
And so on.
You'll send this "combined" link to your buyer and once they open the link, they'll be able to personalize their product while seeing a live preview.
After they are done with the personalization, they need to click "Submit personalization" to finish personalizing.
Once the personalization is submitted, you’ll be able to retrieve the personalization details using the order number in Customily.
For more information on how to properly get the personalization details, please read this article. Keep in mind that in that articles' context the order number will be referred to as personalizationGUID.
Important notice!
Take into account that as soon as the user personalizes the product and clicks Submit, the link won't work anymore. In other words, it won't be possible for someone else to use that link again. In case your client want's to change his personalization, you can generate a link with a new personalization line item number so and send it to them


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