Libraries are collections of assets that can be used on Designs and Templates. There are various types of assets that can be used to create libraries, such as color, font, vector, and clipart/image libraries.
When a library is used in a Design, customers will be able to choose from the different assets within that library to customize their product.

For instance, if you create a clipart library with hair options, customers will have the ability to browse through those hair options and choose what they like.


A look at a hair library with 4 different categories, and cliparts inside the categories.libraries.png And a view of how the customer will choose assets from that library once it's used in a product. library options.png

The best thing about libraries is that they can be used across multiple designs, and whenever an update is made to a library, it will be reflected across all designs that use that library. For example, if an extra hair option is added to a hairstyle library, all designs using that library will be automatically updated with the new hair option.

Libraries also allow for great asset organization through the use of categories, so shoppers can have a wider range of choices in a more organized manner.




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