On Customily, you can choose to work with different Print on Demand (POD) providers, to source your products. By working with them, the printing and fulfillment of your orders will be done by the POD provider.

This means the POD company will be in charge of producing and storing inventory, fulfilling, packing, and shipping the products to your final customers. 


Automatic POD integrations are only available for stores on Shopify or Etsy

How does it work?

When working with a POD provider through Customily, Customily will share your order information directly with your POD provider via API. This means that for every order you receive of a product that has Customily, we will share with the POD the order information (customer details, products in the order, etc.) with the unique print file needed to fulfill that personalization. 
Once the POD gets the order, they will handle it from there.

What is the difference in using the POD directly without Customily, and with Customily?

You can always work with POD providers directly, without using Customily. However, POD providers do not provide personalization capabilities. So when you publish a product with a certain design on the POD directly, all customers will be able to buy is that exact design.

What do I need to work with a POD?

All POD providers that work with Customily require you to have an account with them. This is necessary for them to have your business and billing information. If you are using Customily and the POD on your Shopify store, you need to have the POD App added to your store
Once you have an account with the POD you can connect it to Customily via API to start working with them through Customily.

What POD providers are available in Customily?

We offer automatic integrations with the following POD providers (alphabetical order):

  • Casestry
  • CustomCat
  • Gearment
  • Gelato
  • MerchOne
  • Printful
  • Printify
  • ShineOn
  • Teelaunch

Keep in mind

If a provider you want to use is not on the list, that doesn't mean you can't use it with Customily. Most POD provers will allow you to fulfill orders via a CSV. You can learn how to export a CSV of your orders to share with your provider here.




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