Once you are integrated with your POD you are ready to start offering their products on your store. 

Using a POD product

  1. Head over to the Start section
    start menu.png
  2. Click Create new product
    create new product.png


    If you'd rather use an existing product on your store, instead of having Customily create a new listing from scratch, then pick "use an existing product from store". The rest of the process will be the same, the only difference is that at the end, the personalization will be connected to the product listing you selected, instead of having a new listing created from scratch.

  3. Pick the POD provider you want to work with
    pick POD.png
  4. Browse and choose the product you want. You can search for a specific product by their title.
    select product.png
  5. Pick the variants you'd like to offer, and the location where you'd like to add the design (Print Area), then click next.
    select variants.png
  6. When you are done selecting the product specifics, you can go ahead and select the design you want to use on the product. This can be a pre-made design by Customily or one of your own designs (if you've created any!).
  7. When you are done selecting the design, it will be placed on the product. You will see a preview of it, where you can play around with the options before publishing it to your store.
    preview your product.png
    By default, designs are placed in the middle of the print area, to occupy as much space as they can. If you'd like to change the position of the design, scroll down to the tip where we tell you how to do that.
  8. Before publishing you can edit the product details (name, price, description, and main product image) by clicking edit product details. You can also save a specific mockup as your product image by clicking "save this as product image" under your mockup.edit product details.png
  9. Once you are done editing the product, you can Publish it or Save it as a Draft. If you publish it, your brand-new product will open on a new tab. 
    You'll also be redirected to your product information page on Customily, where you can see the details of your listing.
    product information.png


If you don't like where the design was placed on the POD product, you can always edit it after the product has been published. When you are in the product information page, click to open the template that is connected to your product. Here you'll be able to edit the template and move the design around the print area.
open template.png

You can learn more about templates and how they work here.


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